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After three years of strategizin...

Tianfu Smart Product Solutionwill empower you to transform and upgrade

We have a complete line of textile printing and dyeing smart factories, and we understand that every innovation and optimization is critical to the company's leadership. We not only provide products, but also provide enterprise-level solutions that adapt to the changes in the new industry. We help textile printing and dyeing enterprises to realize intelligent factory management mode of informationization, automation, refinement and intelligence, and strive to become the world's leading textile printing and dyeing wisdom. Factory total solution service provider.

Lifelong, caring, professional, advanced service

With professional consulting, implementation, technical solutions, and mature and stable software and hardware products, we provide a full range of support services to support the stable and efficient operation of the company's business.
Continue to promote business expansion and management innovation, and enhance corporate competitiveness in the era of intelligent manufacturing.

Who chose us

I have absorbed a lot of practical experience in more than 20 years of project services. We understand that every customer is different and must have its own management focus and consider the future. At present, Tianfu Technology has set up a number of branch service organizations in the national textile printing and dyeing gathering area to provide professional and timely service support for more than 2,000 customers.

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