Tianfu ERP is deeply integrated with WeChat enterprise, so that ERP can fly.

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The deployment cycle is short, the modification is convenient, the service customization is strong, the upgrade does not need to go through the APP application market to repeatedly upload and download the installation. Employees only need to scan the two-dimensional code to verify their identity. Enterprise micro-signal also integrates many mature and stable third-party suites, such as address book, notification, tasks, attendance, reimbursement, leave applications.

As the need of enterprise management, message timeliness is very strong. APP itself does not have the ability to communicate actively. APP with notification function is also easy to be closed by users and can not interact in time. Like WeChat, WeChat has embedded functions such as new message notification and so on. It is simple and easy to use.

Business APP snoops into collecting user privacy, which is a well-known fact throughout the industry, snooping into user text messages, phone records, and extremes like P2P usury bombing contacts. Weixin applications rely on the operation of Weixin platform, subject to the restrictions and regulations of Weixin terminal, there is no possibility to snoop into the privacy of users.

The functions of traditional APP can also be achieved by WeChat. Can be used for ERP, MES, OA and other aspects of the module, function docking, such as order approval, business early warning, statistical query, task planning, notification notice, etc. After the authorization, it is aimed at internal staff, upstream and downstream partners, including suppliers, customers and so on.

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