Three dimensional warehouse and logistics distribution system are storage and transportation to space three-dimensional development, saving land.

Through the intelligent control and warehouse management system WMS, cloth can be tracked, selected and assembled to provide accurate information and data for enterprises, forming a more scientific, advanced and integrated Internet of Things system. Combined with Tianfu ERP, Tianfu technology can provide customers with a complete scientific management plan of the whole enterprise. The equipment such as three-dimensional shelves and stackers are used to make the stackers walk along the horizontal and vertical directions in the lanes between the three-dimensional shelves. According to the computer's instructions, the goods carried by the pallets are stored in the designated cargo space through a motor-driven fork, or the goods are taken out from the designated cargo space. Effectively improve the utilization rate of space, facilitate the formation of advanced logistics system, and improve the level of enterprise production management.

Automated warehouse is composed of three-dimensional shelves, railroad stacker, pallet conveyor system, size detection barcode reading system, communication system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other such as wire and cable bridge distribution cabinet, pallet, adjustment platform, steel structure platform. Complex automation system consisting of auxiliary equipment. Intelligent integrated logistics concept, the use of advanced control, bus, communication and information technology, through the coordination of the above equipment operations in and out of the warehouse.

The enormous benefits of the automated warehouse solution will be:

1. the shelf height can reach tens of meters, and the land area and space can be released;

2. automatic operation without manpower, saving manpower cost;

3, achieve seamless data docking with ERP system and real-time intelligent production scheduling;

4. the chaos in the warehouse has been improved and the management difficulty has been reduced;

5. There are many kinds of mechanical equipments used in the automated warehouse, including roadway stacker, continuous conveyor, high-rise shelves, and automatic guide van. Tianfu has reached a strategic partnership with leading domestic warehouse manufacturers to provide targeted solutions according to different characteristics of customer business.

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