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Tianfu ImplementationService

Tianfu's implementation of the "four major steps and seven phases" of the service follows the principles of comprehensive planning, overall design, pilot implementation, step-by-step implementation, gradual promotion, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement. A professional project management service that outputs a full lifecycle with an implementation consulting team with extensive industry experience and a specification-based implementation process. Through the implementation of consultant training and knowledge transfer, the advanced management ideas are injected into the enterprise to help the company improve the basic management, optimize the business process of the enterprise, and standardize the management behavior of the enterprise; through the overall design of the intelligent factory intelligent manufacturing system, the production equipment Automated intelligent transformation and system integration to improve product qualification rate and enhance core competitiveness.

Starting from the heartValue service system

Full access to consultations and information from the telephone, Web, H5, WeChat public account, APP, client, form and various media, customer service through a working platform unified response, and can be classified, diverted, and completed through work orders Customer service workflow.
We not only provide systems, but also take the initiative to pay attention to enterprises, promote enterprise management improvement, focus on customer benefits, provide full value services for enterprises, and multiply the competitiveness and operational efficiency of enterprises.

Instant technologyAnd service support

內建在线服务技术,当使用者操作系统遇到困难,问题反馈至天富服务云平台,即时获得技术和服务支持Built-in online service technology, when the user operating system encounters difficulties, the problem feedback to the Tianfu service cloud platform, instant access to technical and service support
Achieve performance improvement goals
A dedicated management team to assist companies in formulating performance goals and improvement plans, leveraging information system effectiveness, and helping companies achieve performance improvement goals
Lifelong companionship, full value service
Continue to help companies deepen their core competencies, build new strategic capabilities, grow with the company, and develop together