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Integrated planning, process monitoring, schedule, energy, production and equipment management,Intelligent printing and dyeing

The system combines the latest automation technology and computer, communication technology, real-time data acquisition and abnormal alarm for production process, equipment operation and energy consumption to help enterprises achieve the goals of improving production efficiency, stabilizing product quality, optimizing production process and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. Combining workshop production operation, production data monitoring and factory ERP, analyzing the collected production history data can optimize production process, accurately calculate production costs, provide scientific and efficient decision-making basis for enterprises, and realize the optimal management of enterprises. Real-time feedback of production schedule avoids the time difference between manual input and reasonable production scheduling. Record the actual process parameters, energy consumption, real-time monitoring, traceability, serious planning, process implementation discipline, so that the production site more orderly, thus speeding up the overall reaction rate.

The scheme is suitable for connecting large-scale textile machinery and equipment such as scouring and bleaching combine machine, mercerizing machine, washing machine, pad dyeing machine, printing machine, drawing machine, sizing machine, sizing and dyeing combine machine, cold pile singeing machine, pre-shrinking machine, etc. The parameters of acquisition are door width/over-feed/temperature/speed/air volume/PH/tension/concentration, etc.

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