Improve the quality controlmethod of dyeing quality with high cost performance.

It is specially designed for the problems of easily weighing wrong materials, misplacing wrong materials, large weighing errors, serious waste, weighing more and less without supervision in dyeing and printing enterprises.
一、Computer aided dye weighing system (TF-001G7)

Systematic use 

This system aims to solve the problem of dye warehouse discharge supervision, ensure that according to the content of the production receipt sheet is correct, accurate, accurate discharge, and do a good job in weighing records. The combination of dye weighing material monitoring unit and dye warehouse management system can provide accurate and real-time data and report forms for dyeing cost accounting of printing and dyeing enterprises. The user can scan the material number through the bar code scanner to get the weighing process. The system automatically prompts the user to take the material position, and uses interactive weighing method to weigh the details contained in the material list one by one. The system monitors the weighing process from beginning to end, and has voice prompts. After the system is finished, the system stores the monitoring data to the database for statistical search.

system composition

It includes dye reference material monitoring unit and Tianfu computer aided weighing management software. The monitoring unit is composed of industrial control computer, electronic scale and position indicator. Tianfu computer-aided weighing management software includes: order management software, dye warehouse management software, weighing monitoring software and so on.

System advantage

1. Adopt advanced industrial control computer and embedded operation system, suitable for bad working environment;
2. It can be equipped with four electronic scales and multi-section weighing. The user can set the error range by himself, accurately control the weighing accuracy, reduce the field feeding rate, and improve the success rate of one-time dyeing;
3. The dye position is equipped with a high brightness and wide range of indicator lights. The weigher can correctly extract and store the dyes according to the instructions to reduce the chance of misplaced dyes. Multi level indicator device can be used in conjunction with multiple systems;
4. the name of each dye, the electronic scale to be used, and the accuracy are all voice prompts, convenient operation;
5 equipped with a wide range of laser bar code scanner, you can read the contents of the material quickly and arbitrarily;
6. equipped with micro beat machine, said that after the completion of automatic printing material information, avoid sending the wrong material.;
7. Detailed recording of weighing process: Each weighing data is stored in a computer for quality tracking and technical reference;
8. Provide standardized weighing operation flow: through voice prompt, display screen and parameter setting, make weighing operation standardized, without professional staff can be competent for their own work;
9. can provide daily report and monthly report of dyestuff consumption;
10. using touch screen interface operation, intuitive and easy to use.

二、Tianfu assistant automatic weighing system (TF-002G6)

Systematic use

 The system can be used in dyeing and molding workshop to solve the problems such as inaccurate weighing of auxiliaries, incorrect weighing of auxiliaries, large weighing error and waste of auxiliaries in the process of collecting, weighing and transporting auxiliaries. To achieve orderly feed, reduce the loss of auxiliaries, reduce the cost of dyeing.

System characteristics

Through embedded industrial control computer monitoring electronic scale, symmetrical data acquisition, control, recording, and liquid auxiliaries using fully enclosed pipeline transportation and other advanced means to achieve automatic weighing, whole process monitoring, for one dyeing success rate provides a guarantee. The system is equipped with dyeing and chemical materials warehouse, process formulation, order opening management functions, to achieve standardized management, improve efficiency. The system also provides a computer-aided weighing method for solid (powder) auxiliaries.

Auto-cleaning function: After each recipe sheet is weighed, the outlet of the pipeline is automatically cleaned to avoid mixing droplets and blocking the outlet. Provide weighing records: Each weighing data are stored in the computer, for quality tracking and technical reference, can provide daily reports and monthly reports of additives consumption.

Safety Weighing Guarantee: Advanced photoelectric detection device ensures that workers can weigh materials after putting the barrel in order to avoid misoperation. Equipped with micro-printer, it can print information of each weighing sheet, avoid sending wrong materials and ensure the safety of weighing.

Weighing is convenient and fast: the formula of weighing material is calculated and printed directly by computer, avoiding the trouble of manual copying and artificial calculation error. The on-site weighing cabinet is equipped with a bar code scanner, which can quickly read the contents of the requisition list.

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