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Industrial upgrading and re-engineering to realize smart factory Tianfu Technology series products help textile printing and dyeingIndustrial upgrading and re-engineering to realize smart factory

Smart Factory - a new stage in the development of information technology in modern factories. On the basis of digital factories, we will strengthen information management and services by using Internet of Things and machine networking technology and equipment monitoring technology; clearly grasp the production and sales processes, improve the controllability of production processes, reduce manual intervention on production lines, and timely and correctly collect production lines. Data, as well as reasonable production schedules and production schedules, to help solve textile printing and dyeing companies' response to short-term delivery times for multiple varieties and small batches.

The design goalof smart factory

Intelligent factory -- the new stage of modern factory informatization development. On the basis of digitized factory, information management and service are strengthened by using the technology of Internet of Things and computer network and equipment monitoring technology; production and marketing process is clearly mastered, the controllability of production process is improved, manual intervention on production line is reduced, production line data is collected timely and correctly, and production planning and production are reasonably scheduled. Progress to help solve the problem that textile printing and dyeing enterprises should deal with short delivery times of multiple varieties and small batches.

Tianfu technology textile printingand dyeing wisdom factory overall solution

According to Lean Analysis, Tianfu Intelligent Factory's overall solution is based on the modern management concept of German Industry 4.0, Made in China 2025 and Lean Production, and fully combines the characteristics, pain points and actual conditions of multi-variety and small-batch production mode in textile printing and dyeing industry. After years of intensive research and development, Tianfu Intelligent Factory specializes in textile printing. The intelligent factory solutions tailored to the dyeing industry, aiming at automation, informatization, synergy and intellectualization, reflect the development trend of future factories. The design idea of Tianfu Intelligent Factory is: according to the current situation of the enterprise, the overall context, the overall planning, the distribution of implementation, combined with the characteristics and requirements of the enterprise itself, fully utilizing advanced modern management concepts such as lean production management, in-depth integration of production-related peripheral systems, to create a functional module, system coordination, and so on. A set of intelligent factory overall solution suite for process transparency, control and transmission intelligentization.

Expected benefits of smart factories