Dye auxiliaries can improve product quality and reduce repair rate by precise metering and centralized distribution.

Tianfu cites advanced countries'technology and adds its own unique innovations. To solve this problem, Tianfu has introduced advanced fully automated equipment to solve the problem of unmanned operation. It can greatly improve the automation and continuity level of dyeing and finishing line, greatly improve the success rate of dyeing, improve labor efficiency, save labor, promote clean production and energy conservation and emission reduction. The system uses German electromagnetic flowmeter, the flow rate is controllable, the accuracy is high, the performance is superior, the safety is reliable; The pipeline uses the special connection, disassembly and maintenance is convenient; The automatic pipeline cleaning, the effect is obvious. The whole stainless steel structure is beautiful and durable, the system maintenance is easy, the system expansion is convenient, the whole system maintenance is easy, the process control conforms to the national conditions, the automation degree is high.

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