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Build efficient, lean and visualizedsetting machine management

The stereotype machine is one of the high energy consumption equipments in the printing and dyeing plant, and is also the essential key equipment in the printing and dyeing plant. The production process is complex and diverse, and the subjective factors of workers'operation are many. The traditional operation and control methods can not completely meet the development of small batch and multi-variety and the increasing demand of customers for high quality. It is necessary to improve one-time accurate production to adapt to the new and unchanged, reducing production costs has become the key to the development of dyeing enterprises. Therefore, on-line monitoring and control of various parameters in the process of stereotyping is extremely important. By monitoring various process parameters and adopting corresponding variable control (such as door width, temperature, vehicle speed, overfeed, exhaust fan speed, etc.), the equipment can achieve the best working condition, and the energy consumption and material consumption can be reduced to the lowest level while ensuring the processing quality. Through retrospective analysis, it can quickly judge whether the technological parameters of the molding machine meet the technological requirements, thus providing important reference data for improving the molding process and improving the quality of the molding. The scheme is applicable to the networking of stereotyping machines such as mus, Sunstar, remote letter, and root. Further integration of auxiliaries distribution function, that is, the monitoring computer is also used as an auxiliaries distribution call terminal to reduce costs and reduce staff swiping operations.

Setting machine

Setting machine2

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