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0、Seven precautions for ERP/MES system selection in textile printing and dyeing industry


Software selection is an important factor for the successful implementation of ERP systems. According to the analysis of many project failures or poor performance cases, many of them are caused by improper selection. The poor management foundation of the enterprise itself is also a relatively large factor in the failure of the project. In the ERP product market, there are thousands of domestic and foreign companies. The functions of these products vary widely, and the environment for adaptation varies from tens of thousands to tens of millions. The following are the seven precautions for the selection of textile printing and dyeing enterprises, which provide reference for enterprise system selection. 

(1) Defining the company's own production characteristics and ERP positioning

For textile printing and dyeing enterprises, the production characteristics are very different from those of discrete manufacturing enterprises such as mechanical electronics. In the ERP selection, full consideration should be given to the selection of ERP products with industry segmentation and professionalism. These products are highly targeted, and their module design, process design and management requirements all have strong textile industry characteristics; coupled with the actual introduction experience of the industry, the problems encountered can be easily accomplished. Especially for small and medium-sized textile enterprises, the information base is relatively weak, the business management process is not standardized, and the selection of industry-leading ERP products is conducive to lowering the cost to meet their individual needs. Companies need to be clear about their position and clearly define their needs and expectations, which is a prerequisite for system selection. The business model, cultural background, enterprise scale, industry and capital status of each enterprise are different. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the various aspects of the enterprise in detail, so as to determine its own needs and select products and services that are consistent with its own positioning. There are various products in the ERP market, including high, medium and low levels and different versions. For a variety of price points, companies need to examine the maturity and extensiveness of the ERP system, understand their level and corresponding price, and conduct on-site exploration. The comprehensive capabilities of the service provider.

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